The Case of Charlie Gordon

193916 minFilm

Réalisation: Stuart Legg

Production: Frank Badgley

Ce titre est une acquisition.

The case history of a young man in a Canadian community who might be any young man anywhere. Charlie Gordon is one of the many who never had a job. A local committee was determined to stir up interest, to give Charlie and his contemporaries a chance. Through their efforts and the work of the federal government, these lads were trained and given useful work to do. With this, their former attitude of inert hopelessness quickly changed to one of eager interest.

Catégories de sujets

  • Travail > Centres et Programmes d'emploiChômage et Recherche d'emploi
  • Économie > Enjeux liés au travail


Stuart Legg
Frank Badgley
John M. Alexander
Ernest Wilson
George Thurling
Jack Ryan